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About SERVE University

SERVE-U is a comprehensive approach to nonprofit resource development.

SERVE-U will serve as the resource development firm with your organization to establish an efficient process to establish and sustain your emerging resource development department until your organization has filled full-time, part-time, and consultant positions.

SERVE-U has the ability to spearhead your organization's resource development needs and create a sustainable department that provides a seamless transfer of responsibilities to new talent.

SERVE-U will lead the efforts to secure grants from public, private, and government grants for annual operations, programs, special projects and capital purchases for a diverse portfolio of funding opportunities.

In doing so, SERVE-U will help broaden the organization’s resources by identifying and cultivating funding opportunity with an emphasis on economic development by bridging current social service

fundraising efforts.



Serving tax-exempt organizations that are seeking fund development, grantsmanship, and nonprofit consulting, SERVE-U fills a niche in the philanthropic and government sector for some of our most valuable organizations and their leaders. SERVE-U is an agency that has built upon its reputation in the community with clients coming from referrals. Partnerships are the cornerstone of SERVE-U’s success.


Since 2016, we’ve added many new nonprofit leaders to the SERVE-U learning community, bringing the total numbers of funds raised and managed to more than $1 Billion and counting.



Founder + Professor at SERVE-U

Grant Writer& Nonprofit Consultant

With more than 20 years of experience, Brandi Rae leads her nonprofit resource development firm called, SERVE-U (Serve University), providing loaned executive services and distance learning education programs for nonprofit leaders.  Brandi Rae supports nonprofits and their rise to the next level and provides the right tools and resources to help leaders to continue the great work of giving back to our most deserving neighbors.

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