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A comprehensive approach to nonprofit resource development

Serve University (known as, SERVE-U) is a nonprofit resource development firm for leaders who want to learn how to serve their communities more abundantly. Our student population is diverse from emerging nonprofit leaders to the experienced executive director.


SERVE-U has a digital campus of live classes and a library of 100+ hours of self-paced video tutorials and ready-to-use templates. SERVE-U Certification Programs are designed for busy professionals who have full-time careers and give back as a part-time passion. 

SERVE-U supports tax-exempt organizations who are seeking grant writing & reporting, fund development, and nonprofit consulting, SERVE-U specializes in grant proposal writing and federal grant writing and management. 

Loaned Executive Services loan nonprofits high-level professionals

that work as an advisory to provide strategic insight and change leadership while working with the existing team towards defined objectives.


Well, you know what all the words mean individually, nonprofit - resource - development - firm, but what does that really mean?


NONPROFIT - a tax-exempt organization or communally known as a charity where we give generously to others in need (that’s an easy one!)


RESOURCE - The most common resource is money, but there’s so much more! Resources are everything it takes to run a nonprofit and it can be tangible or intangible such as fundraising, grant writing, brokering community partnerships, or human resources like qualifies program staff, volunteers, or board of directors.


DEVELOPMENT - This is the part where we pull all the resources together and make it grow! Philanthropy is a business structure and must operate like one. When SERVE-U develops your nonprofit, we also have to “develop” concepts like advocacy campaigns, program design thinking, infrastructure, compliance, and marketing.


FIRM - We don't do this work alone. Teamwork is key! SERVE-U has a roster of subject-matter experts (SME’s) who stand brilliant and “firm” within their own areas: C-Suite development personnel, researchers, editors, legal financial advisors, and whoever is needed to help the nonprofit.


SERVE-U will to assess your nonprofit need, unfreeze your current methods of operation, create a profitable and sustainable business model, and freeze your new thinking patterns so your programs can impact the masses.


Who do you know who is ready to learn how to SERVE in their communities more abundantly?





People are raving about the 75-minute Nonprofit Messaging Matters course I taught this past weekend (I sent you access a few days ago, but if you missed it, here it is).

And, as you may recall from the first two trainings, the people who are loving the trainings and getting the most-excited about it are either…

  • Nonprofit leaders who want to continue fundraising and communications to keep the doors of their nonprofit open; and/or…

  • Community Volunteers who have a passion for their neighbors and wants to help make an impact.


And now, more than ever - it’s time to see how to generate nonprofit messaging that matters during these unprecedented times.


I often hear people say, after they learn my easy-to-implement systems, that they are ready to SERVE! in their communities more abundantly!”


So, how can I help you SERVE during these current events?


You must learn how to tell the story and make the ask to maximize fundraising and communications in every opportunity to get.

Click here to register for Nonprofit Messaging Matters, a 6-week training where I will go over the power of fundraising and communications while in crisis management mode.

During this 6-Week Nonprofit Messaging Matters, you’ll get access to:

  • Nonprofit Messaging 101 – Crisis Management Edition (3/25 @ 7PM) – The simple method on how to create content for messaging and learn industry “buzzwords” used in philanthropic language that will garner the attention of your donor-base and community language – in less than an hour.

  • The Art of Storytelling (4/1 @ 7PM) – Let’s talk about different strategies you can generate fundraising through storytelling (you need these methods for fundraising beyond an annual gift, and one of these strategies can be your key to rapid fundraising growth).

  • Making the Ask (4/8 @ 7PM) – What it really takes to convert donors into making a donations (and why making the ask is really the starting point of developing long-term partnerships)

  • Building the Digital Campus (4/15 @ 7PM) - How to convert your in-person programs into a digital campus in the fastest way to get it done! – No more waiting to build your online courses.

  • Annual Report (4/22 @ 7:00PM) – A simple formula that will help you communicate the highlights from your programs and services from year-to-year.

  • Strategic Plan – Level I (4/29 @ 7PM) – My strategic framework that shows you how to really PLAN for making money from fundraising and communicating with decision-makers and key stakeholders – and keeps your nonprofit on-track year after year.

Some nonprofit leaders scramble to raise money and communicate with their community for decades without knowing the information that I will share here, so this is something you don’t want to miss.



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